Deaf Friendly Businesses

Deaf friendly businesses help native sign language users feel welcome and included. Do you run a Deaf-friendly business? Advertise your business to our local Deaf and hard of hearing communities and let them know accessibility and inclusion is important to you. You can add your listing by contacting us via the contact page.

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How do I make my business Deaf-friendly?

There are lots of ways to make your business friendly and welcoming to people who use sign language. Here are some examples:

  • Clear signage with visuals that show where facilities (toilets) are
  • Have a menu to hand so that a person doesn’t have to try and point to an image above your head
  • Clear pricing information
  • Deaf Awareness training for staff
  • Using Sign Language interpreters for discussions e.g. job interviews, hire purchase contracts, training sessions and so on

Deaf friendly businesses recognise that we all have different communication needs and abilities.