volunteer showing his mk deaf zone tshirt

Deaf History in Milton Keynes

Local Deaf history is just as important as national deaf history. Milton Keynes deaf history is slightly different to other towns and cities in that Milton Keynes is a ‘new town’ (and now officially a city) so the roots of the deaf community stem from people coming together from across the UK to form a

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Accessible Deaf Health Information

Accessible Deaf health information is important to keeping the Deaf Community well. We have listed a number of websites that you can use to access interpreters or to find more information about health conditions. BSL Health Access NHS 111 Sign Health Sign Health-Psychotherapy Healthy Eating Diabetes Dementia Healthy Heart Keeping Fit NHS 111 (BSL): You

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how do you get rid of tinnitus

Current estimates indicate that around 6 million people experience tinnitus in the UK. We take a look at the latest treatments available and offer tips on how to manage your tinnitus. What is Tinnitus? The condition is described as sounds you hear in the ears, that are not made externally. The type of sound you

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