Interested in a Reading Book Group?

Interested in setting up a deaf/Hard-of-hearing “Reading Book Group” in Milton Keynes?

A lady named Tracy Carroll who have worked for many years in adult education (City Lit, London and Milton Keynes College), working with and supporting D/deaf learners, is interested in setting up a reading/book group. One issue which has come up many times in her conversations is access to and enjoyment of reading English.

With this in mind, she is wondering if any members of MK Deaf Zone might be interested in her help in setting up a reading/book group?
The idea of a reading group would be for members to meet up, choose and agree a different book/magazine to read and then meet up again a few weeks later to have a chat about what they thought. Tracy’s role would be to provide help with new vocabulary and English grammar, such as idioms, metaphors etc. The group itself would be member led and would offer the chance to read in a relaxed and supported environment. This would hopefully break down some of the barriers for people who found reading at school a challenge and meant they never really enjoyed it.

Tracy would be very happy to meet up with you to have a chat? She can be contacted by email or use the contact form below:

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