Bryan Whalley’s Fiji Experience (BSL)

Bryan Whalley (chairman of MKDZ) will be signing about his recent trip to Fiji at Broughton Pavillion.

Bryan, a teacher of the deaf and trustee of MK Deaf Zone visited Fiji last Easter on behalf of an charity organisation, EMDP (Evangelical Mission to Deaf in the Pacific).  He is one of eight trustees who work in raising awareness and funding to support the running of a school for the deaf in Suva, situated in the main island of Fiji.  The school was set up in 1999 with 6 children and now has 60 deaf children from many islands in Fiji.  There has been a lot of changes and improvements to the school and hostels but a lot more need to be done.  Come to his presentation to learn about deaf education in Fiji and how deaf people are living in the beautiful country.

When? Thursday 29th June 2017 from 7.30pm to 10.00pm

Tea/coffee will be provided.

All deaf and hearing welcome (voice-over will be provided).

Any queries, please email Sue Whalley at


Broughton Pavillion
139 Tanfield Lane
Milton Keynes
MK10 7NJ

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