MKDZ Wednesday Afternoon Club – Astronomy Talk on 17th October 2018

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Quote from Steve Lawrence, MKDZ volunteer present at the event:

“Overall 30 people including the Volunteers were attended the MKDZ club.

As Derek Rowley introduced there, everyone were watched him intently while he explained about the comparison between the planets and the sun of our solar system specifically, such as mass, speed, temperature, etc and also stars beyond in space.

With the use of “dummy” sun and the planets provided, he demonstrated us in how far distance from the Sun, as the centre of solar system, to each planet which is so vast. Mind-boggling!

His lectures on Astronomy was well informative basically, so it was certainly enable to helped them to understand it generally.

In the end, they were enjoyed among themselves while exchanged their talk about it in wonderment.

Thank you, Derek for lecturing them.”

From MKDZ, thank you everyone for attending the talk and Derek Rowley and Steve Lawrence and volunteers for organising and hosting the event!

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