About Us!

MKDZ Logo with Sponsers

We are a volunteer led organisation set up to help and support the deaf and hard-of-hearing community here in Milton Keynes! We organise events, social gatherings, trips or simply take part in local charity and community events that help the deaf and hard-of-hearing community to come together and allow them to be active participants in the wider community as a whole.

We are called Milton Keynes Deaf Zone (MKDZ for short!) and we are a group of 15-odd volunteers that separately organise different clubs and events for different groups of people such as hobbies & crafts, sport clubs such as badminton and football, astronomy, church service, picnics, hiking, social pub, and so on!

We are proudly supported by Access Ambassadors that provide access and employability for the hard of hearing and deaf in Milton Keynes. We also get funding and support from Action for Deafness and mkcommunity foundation.

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